About Franklin Carpenter

This article is about Franklin Carpenter. The 32-year-old man is an analyst at our company. In this article, we are going to tell in detail about the background of our employee Franklin Carpenter.

Our future Franklin Carpenter gambling expert, was born in France. He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. Franklin Carpenter's family was incomplete as his mother abandoned him to his father at an early age. The boy was left with his father, who liked to drink. Because of this, at an early age, Franklin began to look for a job to save for food. 

Despite the difficulties in his family, Franklin Carpenter was a diligent student in school. The boy always tried to do well in school. After classes were over and all the children went home, he stayed at school and helped clean up. Thus, he wanted to help his father and earn money. So the future online casino author Franklin Carpenter was willing to work as a handyman. Already at school age, he worked:

  • janitor in the school;
  • cook;
  • storekeeper. 
Casino Author Franklin Carpenter

As a teenager, Franklin Carpenter became addicted to gambling. He repeatedly visited land-based casinos. Then he turned his attention to online gaming platforms. 

At the same time, Franklin Carpenter became a university student. He enrolled as a lawyer. The man completed his studies and received a law degree. Franklin did not work in his specialty for long. Since he continued to be attracted to the sphere of gambling. The man began to study the work of online casinos in more detail. 

So, that's how he became our team member and gambling author Franklin Carpenter. This employee is one of the most valuable. Since he has a lot of experience in the gambling industry. Many companies have tried to poach him, but he remains loyal to our organization.