Blackjack in an online casino

Blackjack is a casino table game played with cards. Blackjack, known as point, is usually played by two or more people where there is one dealer and at least one player. As a player, you'll play against the dealer with the main aim of beating him.

At the beginning of the game you make a bet, then the dealer deals you two cards. You can either keep the hand you received without placing an additional bet, or you can request an additional card and raise your original bet at the same time. In many forms of blackjack, the conditions allow you to fold and get half your bet back. The dealer also deals two cards at the start of the game. Depending on the type of game, you may see both of the dealer's cards or just one of them.

Each card brings you a certain point. The goal of the game is to get more points than the dealer and not to exceed 21. If you come up with a hand with a value of 21, you win. However, keep in mind that you can also win with a lower number of points if the dealer happens to exceed 21.

If you win, then your bet will be doubled. If you make a combination of 21, an ace and a ten for blackjack, your bet will be multiplied by 1.5. There are several types of blackjack in the gambling world, which we will look at later in our guide. Some varieties have different rules, in addition to combinations and new winning conditions, so it's important that you understand all the available rules before you start playing and betting yourself.

We have prepared detailed online blackjack reviews for you. Experts have covered the rules, popular strategies and the best online casinos to play blackjack.

Ranking of reliable online blackjack casinos

It's easy to find a huge number of online blackjack US gambling sites on the internet. But how do you choose a trustworthy best online blackjack casino? To find out which portal you can really trust, you'll need to research a lot of information about the operator and the brand before you play blackjack. 

Online blackjack for money and free 

The popularity of free betting on the card game is on the rise. Electronic casinos offer this format to familiarize themselves with the range. The option of free bets is so popular with card players that a demo version of blackjack soon appeared in all virtual casinos.

Today, only a few casino games are available in a mobile version. This applies to blackjack games as well. Mobile device users can see the blackjack games available by using the "Casino with mobile version" filter. There aren't many blackjack games for mobile devices, but generally enough for you to find something suitable for you.

Some games require Flash Player, but these are becoming fewer and fewer due to the trend in the gaming industry to recycle old games while using new technology supported by mobile devices.

After playing a little blackjack free online game, visitors to gambling sites start betting for real money. The paid format will provide the opportunity to transfer your winnings to your personal account or e-wallet. 

Learn basic blackjack strategy before you play for cash

Playing blackjack effectively takes some knowledge and practice. Free blackjack games without any real money betting allow players to learn basic blackjack strategy and achieve a theoretical maximum RTP.

The maximum payout ratio differs according to the rules of each particular version of blackjack, but you should know what to do in each situation in order to reach this ratio. 

The possibility of card counting makes blackjack one of the few casino games in which the advantage can be on the player's side. Naturally, the casino does not like this. Therefore, if a player is suspected of counting cards, he is asked to leave the establishment. There are other measures that make card counting difficult or impossible. When blackjack play online, counting cards only makes sense if you are playing with a live dealer. In any case, this strategy is unlikely to be successful due to the constant shuffling and changing of decks.

Read the rules before you play blackjack

Blackjack is a relatively simple game, but even if you're not planning to bet any real money, get the basics and rules first. Blackjack is played using a standard deck of playing cards. The number of decks varies according to the version of the game, but between one and eight decks are commonly used.

Each card has its own value:

  • Cards from a deuce to a ten are 2 to 10 points respectively.
  • J, Q and K equal 10 points.
  • An Ace equals 1 or 11 points.

The aim of each round is to collect more points than the dealer has, but no more than 21.

During a game, players can either ask the dealer for another card (hit) or stay with what they have by telling the dealer "enough" (stand). Players who score 22 or more points automatically lose (bust). If you are not busted, the dealer will step in. Usually the dealer has to stop once he reaches 17 or more points (rules may differ in different versions of the game), regardless of cards in players hands.

If the dealer loses, the player is deemed the winner, but not before the dealer himself. If neither of them loses, the winner is determined by counting the points in each player's hand. You can win twice your bet, win back (in the event of a tie) or lose the bet (if the dealer has more points than you).

Blackjack (ace/ten combination of any suit) pays out 2.5 times your bet. An exception to this is when the dealer also has blackjack. Such a situation is called a draw, in which case the betting amount is simply returned to the player.

Online blackjack options for players

Legit online blackjack offers a variety of game options. You can bet at mobile online blackjack clubs by installing the official iOS or Android app. Software manufacturers are developing an online blackjack app as well as cash game options using HTML5 technology.