About Our Team

The team of real casino group specialists has been doing reviews for many years. Thanks to the work of our experts. Take advantage of the opportunity to find the perfect place to make money individually for your pace of play. Our employees daily study new gaming platforms on the Internet to make ratings for readers. 

In this article, we invite you to meet those who research online casinos almost around the clock. Today, you can find out who helps you choose the best gaming platforms. 

Our Mission Is to Help USA Players

The key goal of our work is to provide high quality services to everyone who wants to find the perfect game. To do this, an online casino expert checks all possible online gaming platforms daily. Experts conduct reviews of online casinos according to a particular template. As a rule, our experts evaluate gaming platforms according to the following criteria:

  • security;
  • the range of online gambling games;
  • the quality of support service;
  • the adaptability of the gaming site to mobile devices and desktops;
  • available payment systems and speed of deposit and withdrawal. 

For each of the above criteria, an online casino is rated separately. After that, the online gambling community gives a verdict on this platform. From it, our readers can decide whether this online casino suits them or should pay attention to another. 

Our Goals

Our online casino community aims to provide our readers with the best services. We will give you detailed information about each online casino.

Real professionals spend a lot of time providing quality and valuable information. Our online casino authors strive to do honest reviews. Our main goal is that you can use this information to find the best gaming platform for you. That is why we take a responsible approach to prepare and publish each review.  

Why You Can Trust Us

Readers can trust our reviews, as we do not cooperate with gaming platforms. Here you can find only truthful information about this or that online casino. Our online casino team collects information on a specially designed system. 

You can trust us because our company values its reputation and will not recommend lousy gaming platforms. In the list of online casinos that we recommend can get only the best. For this, online gambling establishments must meet all of our standards.    

If any of our experts find something suspicious in an online casino, you will find out about it. Such information we never hide from our readers. In this regard, you don't have to worry that our experts might have missed something and not reported it. 

Our Team

A large team of specialists is working on creating online casino reviews. We suggest you get acquainted with some of them.

To begin with, it is worth knowing who the CEO is. Lydia Taylor Bennett holds that position. Here are a few facts about the 51-year-old British woman:

  • engages in charity work;
  • she's a frequent hiker;
  • has four children.

Lydia Taylor Bennett has a postgraduate degree in business.

Casino Author Lydia Taylor
Casino Author Jordan Richards

The following person to meet is Jordan Richards. The man holds the position of senior analyst. Before assuming this position, the 45-year-old American earned a graduate degree in business. 

We also have another analyst on our team. Chloe Paige Palmer holds this position. Unlike Jordan Richards, she has a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics.

Casino Author Chloe Paige
Casino Author Franklin Carpenter

Franklin Carpenter holds the third analyst position. The 32-year-old Frenchman worked in his field for several years after earning his law degree and went into the gambling industry. He and others are looking at online casino information.

We also have a fourth analyst on our team. Prudence Freeman Brown holds the position. The 24-year-old American joined us while she was in college. But Prudence eventually dropped out.

Casino Author Prudence Freeman


Online casinos and gaming platform reviews often leave us with specific questions. We often receive reports that some readers cannot fully understand our information. That is why we have prepared this material. Below are the frequently asked questions that readers send us. Our trained specialists have already answered them.

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