Types of table games online casino

Table games are not only "table TOP casino games" in the slot machines section, but also entertainment from the "LIVE-casino" category.

In the former, the user runs a video slot and plays against the artificial intelligence (GCN). The category with "Table games" presents even the most incredible varieties of roulette, baccarat and blackjack. You can also run the entertainment in demo mode to test the strategies, techniques, tactics, rules and technical settings.

In the second case, the visitor goes to the Live Casino category, which presents battles against a real (real dealer). They take place live 24/7, except for technical breaks. The reviews write that live-casino is a real opportunity to test the gambling experience. The sound, design, accompaniment, opponents, tables, cards and accessories are all exactly the same as in a real institution! All that's left to do is to choose the right icon from the dealers.

There are plenty of new casino table games to choose from for gamers wanting to play something other than slots. It would be difficult to list all of the tables that can be found at online casinos: there are so many of them. So it is worth dwelling only on the popular casino table games.

Roulette and its varieties 

Roulette is undoubtedly the most common table game. The most famous types are European, French and American. They can be represented by dozens of versions, up to the most unusual. Each version has its own distinctive features, but in general the rules are simple:

  • The gambler bets on red or black, one of a number, a zero sector, a paired or unpaired number;
  • The more difficult the choice, the greater the winnings in case of success;
  • A certain amount of time is allocated for betting;
  • After the ball stops, the player either wins a prize or loses the bet.

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a casino that does not have roulette tables. Some casinos are entirely dedicated to roulette, though this is uncommon.

Craps and lotteries 

Keno is a type of lottery with numbered balls, known to many as the 'Sportlotto'. Like other electronic games, it is based on a random number generator, which means the player's success depends solely on luck. Another type of raffle is bingo, where you have to close the numbers on the cards. 

Many players prefer crepes, a dice game using dice with dots on the edges.  The aim is to roll the dice onto a numbered table, having previously bet on a particular number or combination.

Card games 

Poker games are all about poker - it's no coincidence that every land-based casino has poker rooms. The most popular online table games casino is available in plenty of variations - Omaha, Hold'em, Chinese and so on, with each variant having its own version. But the general rule is the same: a player must make the strongest possible combination of cards - a rank higher than that of his opponent. 

Blackjack is also very popular, with many different variations. The general idea is to collect 21 points, or as close to it as possible, but never more than that. The number of points should be higher than your opponent's. Not to be forgotten is baccarat, a game found in every casino. It looks a lot like blackjack, but the player has to collect 9 points.

Live casino table format 

These are the entertainments presented in the section with "Live Casino". In the mode of this types of casino table games, the user is offered:

  • Craps. One of the most popular and well-known varieties of craps. The advantage of online casinos can vary depending on the established rules of kreps. The game uses 2 dice, providing a combined total of 36 possible combinations. The dice are thrown by the players in the hope of getting the right combination. With the right approach, a stable financial management strategy provides profits over the long haul.
  • Sic Bo. An ancient Chinese board game considered to be a kind of dice. Its peculiarity lies in the use of three dice, providing a maximum of 216 combinations. The dice are thrown with a special device - a "popper". As a rule, after starting the shik-bo, the field is decorated in the Chinese style. In reviews write that it gives a special authenticity gambling entertainment.
  • Monopoly. A classic of table games available at online casinos to gambling enthusiasts. Strategies and tactics to help you quickly become a real millionaire (and maybe not just in the game?).
  • Backgammon. A popular pastime run in online format to test your luck in a confrontation with a real dealer.
  • Grand Azar. A kind of dice game, similar to the classic pastime, but with its own special features. The online casino has an advantage of 11% (which can be considered an incredibly high value). Grand Azar uses 3 dice. The difference from sicbo is the individual types of betting and the execution of the field.

Other formats of betting are also offered in the establishments, and the list of all casino table games will be large. You can launch your favourite pastimes from your mobile phone or personal computer and dive right into the world of adventure!

Table games in land-based and online casinos have always been and will continue to be popular. Modern technology has made such entertainment much more interesting, in addition, it is now available to all adult gamblers.