About Lydia Taylor

This material is dedicated to CEO Lydia Taylor Bennett. In this article, you can learn more about the person who leads all the processes and is responsible for our company's bottom line.

A 51-year-old British woman, Lydia Taylor, was born and spent most of her life in an upper-class neighborhood. Her father raised Lydia. Since her mother abandoned them when she was a young child, despite this, Lydia grew up to be a pretty sensitive and kind woman. 

Lydia Taylor is often involved in charity work. The woman regularly provides help to those in need. 

Lydia Taylor is a Christian. She often attends church to pray. It was after her first visit to the church that Lydia started doing charity work.

Future gambling author Lydia Taylor graduated from high school with honors. Why go to college and earn a graduate degree in business. Lydia worked in her field for several years. Afterward, she met her husband, Hamish Vincenzo Phillips. The man is her age, also 51 years old. Lydia's husband is an administrative assistant at a leading technology company.

About Lydia Taylor

The couple has four children:

  • Avalon, 19;
  • Elouise, 13;
  • Unity - 11 years old;
  • Tatiana, 10.

As for Lydia Taylor's career, she returned to work a few years after her youngest daughter went to school. At first, about Lydia Taylor held the position below. 

After taking a job at our company, Lydia Taylor gambling expert, this woman has had great success over the years. Lydia has often offered ideas for the development of our company. 

Lydia was repeatedly awarded employee of the year for a job well done. For her achievements, Lydia was repeatedly awarded. Her career progressed rapidly. 

A woman without previous experience in online gambling became a leading expert. All the works of online casino author Lydia Taylor are notable.